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Our Mission

The Driven Project is a nonprofit organization that has one simple yet ambitious goal: to provide critically ill children with the best day of their lives through transformative ‘supercar therapy’ experiences.

We take critically ill children in convoys of rare and exotic supercars, escorted by local police departments across the United States. We team up with incredible event partners, racetracks, professional sports teams, and celebrities to make the experience even more special.

Our events create the ultimate escape from reality, enabling our co-pilots to forget their struggles and just be kids for the day.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where every child facing critical illness feels supported by something bigger.

Why does this kind of support matter? It’s undeniable – we are stronger together.

The road to recovery is never a straight line. The battle with a critical illness doesn’t just happen in hospitals. It is a winding journey that can feel never-ending.

That’s why the Driven Project is so important. We make sure no child has to miss out on being a kid.

Our Impact

The impact of the Driven Project is simple but significant.

We drive hope, we fuel strength, and we rally community.

This special combination helps lead to:

  • Brighter health outcomes for our co-pilots
  • The creation of life-long memories
  • Bringing families closer together

9/10 Driven Project parents said their family’s well-being improved and brought them closer together

A Message From Our Founder

“We’re on a never-ending mission to bring ‘supercar therapy’ to children across the world who are battling critical and chronic illnesses.

Our event days are unlike anything else. The impact we are creating for our co-pilots and their families is all-encompassing and truly unforgettable.

We’re doing so much more than just driving cars – we’re driving hope, strength and community.

Join us for the ride, and help us keep driving forward.”

– Kevin Gordon

Founder & Executive Director

“You don't know how much this has meant for our family.
I have not seen my son smile in so long. This is such a thrill for him, so thank you.
Thank you.”

- Superhero Mom

The Perfect Partnership


The Driven Project wouldn’t be what it is today without the trust and support of the incredible police departments we have partnered with in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Back in 2018, the Vancouver Police Department believed in the vision of the Driven Project, and helped the organization go from an ambitious idea, to a local movement, to the impactful international charity that it has grown into today.

Together, we make the impossible, possible.

Support the Driven Project and help make sure no child misses out on being a kid.