Driven Project and Police


Making magic together since 2018!

The Perfect Partnership

The Driven Project wouldn’t be what it is today without the trust and support of the incredible police departments we have partnered with in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Back in 2018, the Vancouver Police Department believed in the vision of the Driven Project, and helped the organization go from an ambitious idea, to a local movement, to the impactful international charity that it has grown into today.

Our extraordinarily kind and professional police partners have spent countless hours working hand-in-hand with the Driven Project team to create once-in-a-lifetime ‘supercar therapy’ experiences for 1,000+ remarkable kids battling critical and chronic illnesses.

The Driven Project wouldn’t be what is today without the continued generosity from our police partners across the world. 💛

Thank You For All That You Do

The Driven Project gratefully acknowledges all Police Departments and their officers who have contributed their time, energy, and talents in helping make our events such a safe and special experience for our superhero co-pilots, their families, and all other parties.

Together, We Make The Impossible, Possible

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